Why We Love Mole

In our opinion mole is the most important Mexican culinary export next to the tortilla.  Mole is a sauce native to Mexico that usually includes up to 20 ingredients and is prepared in a slow and meticulous manner. The sauce is made for celebrations and festivals and truly brings family and friends together.  The history of mole, like many things, is cloudy and unclear, but most will concede that it was first made in Oaxaca or Puebla. Oaxaca is known as the “land of seven moles”.  A state that takes great pride in their culinary history is known for their seven different moles.  Puebla primarily makes one kind, mole poblano, most commonly served in America with hints of Mexican chocolate.

So, why do we love moles? Mostly because of the rich, complex flavor and depth of the moles.  Like wine, each mouthful reveals different notes of the many flavorful ingredients that were toasted and grinded in to the sauce.  As a chef, the sauce allows creativity with preparations and ingredients. Anything goes.  The word mole translates to “mix” or “mixture” and was given to this sauce because it’s a blend of all of the ingredients. Ingredients generally include vegetables, fruits, dried chiles, nuts and seeds, sweeteners and spices.  With this many ingredients involved it is easy to play with different variations and recipes depending on how we are feeling on any given day.  Moles are not usually spicy even given their base of the dried chiles.  Moles are extremely fun to make, and even more fun to eat!